BKMS is offering services for Wealth Planning in the global market with the aim to optimize and apply an efficient strategy for preserving and growing the family’s wealth. BKMS is here to support you, provide solutions to these challenges, and help you understand complex situations inside or outside your home jurisdiction.
We are serving the best interests of the family, in every transaction, building up trust and long-term relationships. The need to plan is essential in order to meet complex compliance requirements, often across various jurisdictions and wealth categories.
Navigating a complex legislative environment in the global market, by utilising the right strategy and creating the suitable structure helps you to recognise the risk parameters and take the appropriate steps to protect your wealth.
Our Wealth planning solutions are a strategic, ongoing process customised to your unique needs and goals in constantly changing market conditions.
You are unique and your needs are too.
Wealth Planning Solutions include:
Fund strategies
Investment Portfolio administration
Estate planning solutions
Effective Tax planning
Advice on Risk and diversification
Pension / Retirement strategy


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