Vanuatu Passeport

Citizenship by Investment

The Republic of Vanuatu has launched the Contribution Program pursuant to Section 13D of the Vanuatu Citizenship Act [CAP 112], under the Citizenship (Contribution Program) Regulation Order No. 220 of 2016 enacted on 19 December 2016. The Contribution Program aims to attract high quality new immigrants to support the economic development of the Republic of Vanuatu.

Vanuatu - Citizenship Program

The advantages of the program are:
Personal Freedom: No requirements to reside in Vanuatu and Dual citizenship allowed
Visa Free Travel: Vanuatu passport allows Instant travel to 125 countries (List includes Schengen countries, UK, Hong Kong and Singapore)
Business Advantages: Vanuatu has no income tax, wealth tax, capital gains or inheritance tax
Family Security: Spouse, children under 26 obtain a second passport and Parents over 50 can be included in one application


An individual that makes a monetary contribution, which includes the support fees to the Development Account of the Vanuatu Government as well as the administrative and legal fees, is entitled to lodge an application for citizenship under Section 13D of the Vanuatu Citizenship Act [CAP 112] after duly depositing an initial payment.
The application shall be submitted to the Vanuatu Citizenship Commission for consideration and once a decision is made, the applicant shall be notified for the final payment. It takes 6 to 8 weeks from the date that an application is submitted to the Commission to become a citizen of the Republic of Vanuatu and obtain the passport.
The main applicant’s spouse and up to 2 children aged below 18 can apply along with the main applicant for no additional fee. Additional children, as well as children aged 18 to 20 and parents aged 50 or older may also apply along with the main applicant upon payment of additional fees.
The following qualifications are required for the application:
Nomination Form
Valid Passport (certified copy)
Identity Card (certified copy)
Police certificate from state of origin
Birth certificate
Vanuatu Citizenship Commission Due Diligence Check
Personal Profile (include education and employment history) + 6 x colour photos (40mm x 50mm)
Medical Certificate
Asset report
One of the following: Employment certification, Bank Reference/Professional Reference, Academic certification


To obtain citizenship through the Vanuatu Citizenship Program, it is generally necessary to make a donation. The additional investment opportunities listed here: real estate investment and agricultural investment do not serve to acquire Vanuatu citizenship. Please note that you also have to make a donation for these two investment opportunities.

Vanuatu Citizenship costs. Perhaps the most important question besides the other advantages of the Vanuatu citizenship program is the question of the costs. There are different types of costs in this point. Rather, the costs depend on the type of investment you prefer. If you only want to become a citizen and you do not plan for further investment (business investment) or real estate acquisition, the costs are very low. In this case, we recommend that you consider the possibility of a donation. The cost for this starts at 150,000 USD if you are a single person. If you want to involve your entire family in this type of investment, each family member incurs extra costs.

The examples below give you an overview of the investment opportunities and their respective costs. These costs refer to the application by an individual and by a family.

Vanuatu Real Estate Investments

Vanuatu Real Estate Investments & Property for sale: The Pacific Haven Resort Vanuatu - Magnificent Waterfront Resort Bungalows. This is an unbelievable offer to enter the property market with a purchase of a waterfront bungalow - something that is almost unaffordable elsewhere. The resort site is on the magnificent and pristine shores of Teouma Bay. And best of all, this real estate project comes with two unique options. We offer you a lease back or buy back option for your property. In addition, we guarantee the buyer a rental return of 7.5 % gross per annum from handover day.

Vanuatu is a fabulous island nation been discovered by the rest of the world since the jewel in the World Trade Organisation approximately 12 months ago, extremely interesting development for anybody who likes scuba diving or snorkelling holidaying on a fabulous tropical island in the South Pacific. It has absolutely no winter as we would know it, you can simply walk into the water with your flippers and snorkel and go looking for the crayfish or just enjoy the coral.

To obtain citizenship through the Vanuatu Citizenship Program, it is generally necessary to make a donation. The additional investment opportunities listed here do not serve to acquire Vanuatu citizenship.

Vanuatu Agriculture Investment

Vanuatu Agriculture Investment. Furthermore, we would like to offer you an insight into current agriculture investments. Great offers for foreign immigration investors are just one click away.

The global green economy was worth £3.2 trillion in 2009, and this continues to grow giving investment value for money and a worthwhile investment with healthy returns. One exciting Agriculture investment, which is now on offer, is the Tropical Pawpaw Farmlet Investment Opportunity. This opportunity has generated a huge amount of interest where financial experts believe will generate a huge return for investors. With the human race needing land and needing products that come from that land, in this current day where other investments are losing their appeal, Agriculture investments has become the investment of choice. It is not just large companies and the rich who are using Agriculture investments to generate an income; individuals are making these investments to build a nest egg for their retirement.

Now it is a matter of delivery to world markets our physical location in the South Pacific gives us access to deliver our produce, red papaya / paw paw is one of the worlds 4 super fruits the tipping point for selling food production has passed the fruit will be sold dried to breakfast cereal produces and fresh via the fruit and vegetable wholesale markets of Australia.

Short facts: each hybrid tree can produce in excess of 80 kilos a season, so the projected return can be $6,000 to $12,000 per annum, subject to fluctuation from weather and market conditions.

To obtain citizenship through the Vanuatu Citizenship Program, it is generally necessary to make a donation. The additional investment opportunities listed here do not serve to acquire Vanuatu citizenship.