Hybrid Hotel Investment Project


The investment objective of the Investment Project is to manage funds raised from investors with the intention of achieving a blend of income and capital growth through its investment activities in a Hybrid Hotel Concept in Greece.
The Hybrid Hotel Concept provides to Rentable Apartments a Hotel Alike Services and Facilities by having Low on Demand Operational Cost, providing 24/7 high quality services, and maximize thus the profit margin of the facility.
The Covid Pandemic changed how the hospitality sector operates and it created a need for (a) less crowded facilities (b) adjustable operational costs (c) high quality of services and (d) expanding the variety of services
The Traditional Hotels have a high fixed and inflexible variable costs, that are vulnerable to the effects of the pandemic the customer preferences as well as dependency upon government measures and support. The rentable facilities have low operating costs and limited provision of services with a high protection against fluctuations due to the pandemic. The Potential Market for a Hybrid Hotel Is located in the combination of rentable facilities with a provision of a variety of high quality services based upon flexible variable costs and adjusted to any pandemic outbreak.
The Investment project has two objectives, on one hand to provide its investors with consistent and above average risk-adjusted returns by acquiring high-quality cash flow generating real estate properties and on the other hand to create value by selecting the properties in selected areas with a strong potential of appreciation. Our active management will create the perfect combination between yield and value of your investment.
The Investment project is designed for investors who understand the risks and who have an investment horizon of at least 5 years. A typical investor of the project is a sophisticated, professional and/or well-informed investor seeking medium to long term indirect exposure to high yielding and appreciating global real assets which require significant resources to achieve and subject to high barriers to entry.
There is a number of positive economic and other indicators that suggest it is the correct timing to invest in Greece. After careful analysis of the Greek economy, the real estate sector of the country, the holiday and business visitors’ trend, the rental and hotel market in Athens, a prosperous potential of the real estate sector has been identified. Furthermore, in order to take advantage of the tax regime in Greece and Cyprus a structure shall be constructed in order to benefit in terms of flexibility, profitability and exit options.