Estonia e-Residency


The Estonian Startup residence permit, initiated by the state and local startup community, is a program which helps non-EU founders to develop their startup in Estonia and also assists Estonian startups to hire skilled professionals from non-EU countries. The program was launched at the beginning of 2017 and within the first year, 140 applications were approved (170 declined), making the average acceptance rate 45%. Most applicants come from India, Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan and Turkey.

To apply, a non-EU based startup with a tech-based business solution must first fill an application describing their business, team, goals and experience. The application will be evaluated by the Startup Committee, consisting of the members of the Estonian startup community. Businesses with great global growth potential are preferred, more than e-commerce businesses.

After receiving a positive evaluation, each person on the team should apply for a visa or a temporary residence permit at an Estonian embassy or the Police and Border Guard Board when already in Estonia. The startup visa gives the bearer the opportunity to settle in Estonia for up to 18 months to establish the startup. After the successful launch of the company, a temporary residence permit for entrepreneurship for up to five years can be applied for.

The startup visa can allow you to work for local companies both full-time and part-time, as it comes with a work-permit. Additionally, should one have any dependent family members (husband, wife, minor children), the visa will be granted for them.

Estonia e-Residency Program

Benefits of Estonia e-Residency
Start a company 100% online from anywhere in the world.
Travel and operate your business remotely
Move abroad without the need to re-establish your company
Register an EU-based company entirely online
Accept online payments through providers like PayPal
Own your company without the need to appoint a local director
Sign, authenticate, encrypt and send documents digitally
Declare business taxes online
Access EU Single Market and cross-border capital

Estonia e-Residency Program requirements

Who can apply?
Digital Nomad: Start and manage your paperless company while you travel
Startup Company: Grow your company with access to EU customers and EU startup funding
Freelancer: Start a company with access to the EU market and payments
Digital Entrepreneur: Go-to-market in the EU quickly without excess paperwork or travel


In short, the application process is as follows:
Provide copy of Passport(s), Curriculum Vitae, Police Clearance Certificate and any educational diplomas etc (Not necessary), Copies of Birth, Marriage certificate and descriptions of any entrepreneurial activities.
Our office will interview the candidate(s) and prepare a business plan and submit to the committee. (15-20 days)
Upon approval we submit your documents to the Immigration Department (Police and Border Guard of the Republic of Estonia) and obtain a clearance to receive your D type visa (Valid for 2 years) or residence card.
Upon arrival in Estonia, company must be established, and plan followed, tax of 2,500 (Circa) must be paid annually.
Following a review by the board a 5 year permit is issued.
During the 5 years, the candidate may apply for Estonian courses and submit his / her application for Estonian citizenship. We encourage study of the Estonian language as it will facilitate business interaction.


Step 1

  • CV and Client History
  • Descripton of customers business activities
  • Passport
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Copy of diplomas
Step 2

  • Skype conference with customer by our partners in Estonia
  • Preparation of a business plan for the authorities
Step 3

  • Local authority approvals by the Ministry of the Interior, obtaining a type D visa (valid for 2 years or possibly a residence card valid for 2 years).
Step 4

  • Visit to Estonia
  • Final establishment of the company and activity
  • In order to maintain the residence status, obligation to pay an annual fee
Step 5

  • Commission for Start-up Affairs evaluates the files in order to issue the 5-year residence permit.