The Blue Fund


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Here you can view information relating to the Fund:
THE BLUE FUND is an investment compartment (sub-fund) of the UPBRIGHT INVESTMENTS RAIF VCIC PLC, that was established in Cyprus with registration number HE393650 and registered by its External Manager on the RAIF Register held by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission with registration number RAIF24.
The Fund is operating as a Registered Alternative Investment Fund for professional and well-informed investors. Consequently, shares of the Fund are restricted exclusively to persons qualifying as professional and well-informed investors

  • Professional Investor – an investor who is considered to be a professional client, who has the experience and expertise to make his/her own investment decisions and assess the risks involved. To be considered a professional client, the investor must comply with the criteria prescribed in the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) 2004/39/EC.
  • Well-informed Investor – an investor who is not considered to be a professional investor, he/she must confirm in writing that they are a qualified investor who is aware of the risks involved with an investment in the relevant AIF. They must make a minimum investment of €125,000 or have been evaluated by a licensed bank/credit institution, an authorised investment firm or an authorised management company that he/she has the expertise, experience and knowledge in evaluating the suitability of an investment opportunity.
The target of THE BLUE FUND is to raise up to 50,000,000 Euros over a period of three years in order to invest in Real Asset Projects within niche sectors in specific regions which have lack of attracting foreign direct investments, and due to that fact have undervalued and underutilized projects which have a very strong upside growth potential. The Fund will aim to invest in such real asset opportunities, restructure and grow such real asset projects to ensure maximization of profits and appreciation of investment value.
THE BLUE FUND will aim to achieve its investment objectives by combining expertise, knowledge, network access, professional infrastructure of human capital at hand, and economies of scale to achieve attractive yields over medium to long term horizons of at least three to five years by identifying and investing in value assets predominantly within attractive sectors in developing markets with the right momentum and high potential of growth.
THE BLUE FUND shall apply ethical values are considered at the forefront of investing by following the ethical Islamic Sharia Principles utilized from generally acceptable shariah guidelines to ensure investments selected are of ethical nature and of Good Business practices.
THE BLUE FUND will seek to utilize different strategy models per target sector and per project using fundamental, “bottom-up” research to seek companies meeting its criteria of growth potential, quality, and valuation.
THE BLUE FUND target is to acquire investments with a medium to long term horizon of at least five to seven years to achieve optimal targeted result. However, assets are expected to be held over different timeframes as may deemed fit and appropriate by the External Manager. The Fund is a research driven, fundamental investor, generally pursuing a “buy-and-hold” growth strategy. Each target is expected to be acquired, nurtured, restructured, and prepared for maximization of its full potential.