Athens Boutique Residences Fund


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The ATHENS BOUTIQUE RESIDENCES FUND is an investment compartment (sub-fund) of the UPBRIGHT INVESTMENTS RAIF VCIC PLC, that was established in Cyprus with registration number HE393650 and registered by its External Manager on the RAIF Register held by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission with registration number RAIF24.
The Fund is operating as a Registered Alternative Investment Fund for professional and well-informed investors. Consequently, shares of the Fund are restricted exclusively to persons qualifying as professional and well-informed investors

  • Professional Investor – an investor who is considered to be a professional client, who has the experience and expertise to make his/her own investment decisions and assess the risks involved. To be considered a professional client, the investor must comply with the criteria prescribed in the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) 2004/39/EC.
  • Well-informed Investor – an investor who is not considered to be a professional investor, he/she must confirm in writing that they are a qualified investor who is aware of the risks involved with an investment in the relevant AIF. They must make a minimum investment of €125,000 or have been evaluated by a licensed bank/credit institution, an authorised investment firm or an authorised management company that he/she has the expertise, experience and knowledge in evaluating the suitability of an investment opportunity.
The investment objective of the ATHENS BOUTIQUE RESIDENCES FUND is to manage funds raised from investors with the intention of achieving a blend of income and capital growth through its investment activities in real estate properties in Greece. More specifically the ATHENS BOUTIQUE RESIDENCES FUND will invest in real estate in Athens with the aim to develop a branded boutique residences and high standard serviced apartment.
The ATHENS BOUTIQUE RESIDENCES FUND will be applying the latest COVID-19 health compliance guidelines and offering premium services that will make a differentiation from the existing hospitality enterprises. The ATHENS BOUTIQUE RESIDENCES FUND will also invest in other real estate projects in Athens and the rest of Greece with the aim to generate high yield for our investors.
The ATHENS BOUTIQUE RESIDENCES FUND has two objectives, on one hand to provide its investors with consistent and above average risk-adjusted returns by acquiring high-quality cash flow generating real estate properties and on the other hand to create value by selecting the properties in selected areas with a strong potential of appreciation. Our active management will create the perfect combination between yield and value of your investment.
The ATHENS BOUTIQUE RESIDENCES FUND is designed for investors who understand the Sub-Fund's risks and who have an investment horizon of at least 5 years. A typical investor of the Sub-fund is a sophisticated, professional and/or well-informed investor seeking medium to long term indirect exposure to high yielding and appreciating global real assets which require significant resources to achieve and subject to high barriers to entry.
The project will aim to raise a capital up to €100,000,000 in order to invest in profitable Real Estate Projects in Greece mainly in prime locations in Athens with the target to develop a brand for Luxury residencies in Athens.