BKMS is covering a broad spectrum of industries, taking into account the required accounting treatment and tax implications as well as the challenging international regulatory framework.

BKMS in-depth knowledge of the financial structures in various jurisdictions helps the family to design, implement and administrate efficient corporate structures.

Domiciliation, fiduciary and nominee services are provided upon a tailor-made platform in order to best fit the needs of the family.

Our services include among other:

- Incorporation of Companies
- Nominee Shareholder
- Nominee Director
- Secretarial Services
- Register Address
- Administrative Assistance
- Compliance Services
- Accounting and Auditing Services
- Invoice Administration
- Cash Management
- Bank Account Opening Services

- Website Administration

- Email Management


Our primary aim is to assist firms in their task of optimizing their operational and investment sustainability by offering services, which benefit from the advantages of the corporate environment in various jurisdictions.

- Risk Management and Monitoring

- Cost Optimization Consulting

- Diversification Strategies

- Venture Capital

- Corporate Strategies

- Preparation of Business Plans

- Negotiating Investment

- Evaluation of Business Opportunities

- Market and Sector Analysis

BKMS is cooperating with a law firm specialized in a wide spectrum of international legal issues related to the multi family office services. The services that we offer are among others:

- Restructuring

- Acquisitions

- Due Diligence
- Cooperation Agreements
- Merger

- Trusts
- Intellectual Property
- Immovable Property

concierge services

THE multi Family OFfice 



BKMS has dedicated resources for proactively managing the family’s needs regarding the following concierge services:

- Private Secretary Services

- Travel Arrangements

- Personal Matters

- Organizing Membership for Private Clubs and


- Hiring Chauffeurs

- Organizing Private Events


•Insurance claims fraud

BKMS can help with every step in the claims investigation process, from verification of death certificates, police reports, and medical records to establish the circumstances in any alleged death claim. This includes full litigation support with the evidence should a claim end up in court. 

•Internal investigations

BKMS provide an independent eye to assist our clients in investigating internal fraud and understanding potential problem areas within your organization before they harm our client's business. As regulations multiply and the cost of compliance increases, it is more necessary than ever for our clients to have a cost-effective solution to identify weaknesses in compliances regimes. BKMS experience not only allows us to conduct thorough, discreet investigations into sensitive internal matters but also to craft customized solutions to help clients avoid such problems in the future. 

•Litigation support
BKMS differentiates itself from other Litigation Support providers by integrating intelligence gathering with advisory services. We assist our clients not only by gathering evidence and providing expert testimony but by working with law firms to formulate a legal strategy - drawing on our industry expertise and global reach. 


BKMS is specialized in high-level networking and business intelligence by offering among others a wide range of business support services such as:

•Asset Tracing and Recovery Program

BKMS is using its expertise, extensive network and skills to develop a specialized program for tracing assets especially for Non-performing loans, as well as recover funds owed to banks or other creditors. 

Background checks

Our professional teams are deployed locally and internationally and have extensive knowledge of the terrain and access to databases and intelligence in developing markets. More stringent regulations, including Know Your Customer procedures, compel companies to vet clients in regions where reliable information is often difficult and expensive to obtain, 

Brand protection

BKMS is confident and widely experienced in Brand Protection, counter-illicit trade, and intellectual property investigations. Using the company's own specialized, multi-disciplinary approach, our experts deftly handle difficult international cases that often overwhelm local law enforcement and government agencies. 

Reputation management

BKMS can help you identify and respond to negative or inaccurate information that can hurt your company’s credibility. Our social reputation management strategies can help you to maintain a positive image.

•Competitive intelligence

BKMS has unmatched international reach, extensive in-house analytical experience, and an innovative, customized approach to business intelligence that help keep its clients ahead of the curve. with its global reach, customized solutions, and experienced staff, BKMS brings its clients market insights that are based on straight facts, gathered from key sources close to the research targets and often supported by original documentation. 

​•Geopolitical intelligence 
Information is valuable, but challenging to obtain and often decentralized. As companies expand their operations into remote locations, obtaining this information requires access to sensitive sources, intimate local knowledge, and professional discretion. Using a global network of contacts in business government and law enforcement, we not only help our clients monitor geopolitical developments as they happen but assist in crafting strategies that turn potential risks into opportunities. 

BKMS is offering services for Tax and Wealth Planning in the global market with the aim to optimize and apply an efficient strategy for preserving and growing the family’s wealth.

BKMS is here to support you, provide solutions to these challenges, and help you understand complex situations inside or outside your home jurisdiction.

We are serving the best interests of the family, in every transaction, building up trust and long-term relationships.

The need to plan is essential in order to meet complex compliance requirements, often across various jurisdictions and wealth categories.

Navigating a complex legislative environment in the global market, by utilising the right strategy and creating the suitable structure helps you to recognise the risk parameters and take the appropriate steps to protect your wealth.

The Multi Family Office